LISTEN: Kane Brown Shares Hopeful 'Worldwide Beautiful'


Country star Kane Brown is offering a bit of optimism in these troubled times with a new song that sings the praises of diversity and equality.

Brown penned “Worldwide Beautiful” with Shy Carter, Ryan Hurd and Jordan Schmidt. 

On Twitter, Brown explained that he has had the song for a year “but feel like it’s needed during this time.”

He also shared: “We will never see peace in this world until we ALL see each other as PEOPLE. We will never understand each other when you have people on 2 different sides. We have to become 1 to be at peace.”

The 26-year-old sings: “You’re missing every colour / If you’re only seeing black and white / Tell me how you’re gonna change your mind If your heart’s unmovable / We ain’t that different from each other ... Coast to coast, city to city / Reach out your hands if you’re with me / Still got some work but we still got a dream / Every shade, every heart come together and sing.”

According to a release, proceeds from the track will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of America “to advocate for justice and equality for the millions of youth that are counting on us.”

Kane, whose father is African-American and part Cherokee, recently explained on Twitter: “I’m black to the white guy, and I’m white to the black guy until a racial thing comes into play and then I’m supposed to play the black side ... I love everyone ... Let’s come together and work this s**t out."

Listen to “Worldwide Beautiful” below: