LISTEN: Macklemore Shares 'It's Christmas Time'


Macklemore is offering up some holiday rap with “It’s Christmas Time,” a brand new track featuring British singer Dan Caplen.

“Every year around Christmas time I think to myself, ‘Just do it, Ben. Make the song. You can be the new Mariah Carey,’” Macklemore explained, in a release. “Well, this year I finally am.”

The 36-year-old rapper – who shared a cheesy Christmas photo with his wife Tricia and their daughters Sloane, 4, and Colette, 21 months – gives a shout out to his dead dog in the song and rhymes “Michael Bublé” with “blu-ray.”

Caplen sings: “Oh, I wish it was '99, when I was a kid at Christmas time / Couldn't go to bed that night / Santa Claus sliding, snow in the driveway / Under the lit up Christmas tree, with my crazy ass family.”

The track ends with Sloane calling out "It's Christmas Time!"

Listen to it below:

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