LISTEN: Thomas Rhett Debuts 'What's Your Country Song'


Thomas Rhett is previewing his forthcoming album with “What’s Your Country Song.”

The country star said the track was written with his father Rhett Akins as well as Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley and Parker Welling in a Dallas hotel room.

“It was one of those days where we really didn't have many ideas,” he recalled, in a release. “So, it was one of those days we were scrolling through our phones and I had found this concept idea for 'What's Your Country' or 'Where's Your Country.' And I got that idea just from, I guess, just all my years of traveling on the road … and I think I just kinda noticed that everybody had a little bit of country inside of them, whether they knew it or not.

“So we started to write this kind of anthemic song, using a bunch of old song titles that really inspired me growing up. So, into all the verses are actually old country song titles that kind of transitioned into a story.”

Rhett sings: "Do your exes live in Texas? / Are you so lonesome you could cry? / Are you heartbroke 'cause you know / That ain't your truck in her drive? / Are your friends all in low places / Underneath the neon moon? / Are you already country / Back when country wasn't cool?"

In the chorus, he sings: “Everybody got a small town anthem / Everybody got a story to tell / Everybody got a hallelujah / Everybody been through a little hell / When you're rolling down a little two-lane highway / And you turn your radio on / Tell me which one hits you baby / Yeah what’s your country song.”

Rhett said he hopes to “inspire the listener to remember that those songs were for them, and hopefully they take them back to a really memorable moment in time.”

The singer has not shared any details about the follow-up to last year’s Center Point Road.

Listen to "What's Your Country Song" below:

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