Louis Tomlinson Opens Up About Zayn Malik


Louis Tomlinson says his former One Direction friend Zayn Malik let him down by not showing up to support him when he performed on The X Factor only days after the death of his mother in 2016. 

“I had a couple of calls with him after I lost my mum and all the boys had agreed to come to that performance,” Tomlinson told The Sun's Dan Wootton, “and he didn't show, so that really bugged me.”

Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan all flew in to support Tomlinson.

“I've got goosebumps now,” he said. “It was just seeing everyone there – Harry, Niall and Liam – that was what I needed that night, that support.

“So on the other end of the spectrum it kind of really showed. So, eh, I hope he's alright, but…"

Asked about his relationship with Malik, Tomlinson replied: “Truthfully, it never really got better.”

The singer, who last week released “Two Of Us” as a tribute to his late mother, told Wootton that a One Direction reunion is a “no brainer” – without Malik, of course.

“Honestly I'll be the first name on the team sheet, I'll be signing it straight away I tell you,” Tomlinson said. “You feel like we’ve got a responsibility actually to come back to these people.”