Machine Gun Kelly Gives 'SNL' Viewers Tickets To His Fall Down


Machine Gun Kelly gave Saturday Night Live viewers tickets to his fall down.

As the end credits rolled on this weekend’s episode, the 30-year-old musician playfully tried to pick up his friend, SNL cast member Pete Davidson – but the pair stumbled and MGK fell backwards off the stage.

MGK and Davidson picked themselves up and stepped back on the platform, where Davidson then lifted the singer over his shoulder.

Before the show, MGK tweeted about what it meant to be making his debut as musical guest on SNL. “i used to chill on Pete’s couch in his office while they’d be recording SNL when i’d come to new york and be like ‘f**k, i can’t wait till they book us to perform.’ now it’s really happening.”

MGK first performed “My Ex’s Best Friend” from his album Tickets to My Downfall and then did a version of “Lonely,” a song about his late father.

“10 seconds before we played ‘lonely’ on SNL, they came up and said the whole lighting board and set up we had for the performance crashed,” MGK tweeted on Sunday morning. "so we just had a spot light and the music, that was the best thing that could’ve happened.”

Watch MGK’s performances on SNL below:

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