Mel B Stars In Dramatic Video Depicting Domestic Abuse


Mel B of Spice Girls stars in a powerful new video that depicts the horrific realities of domestic abuse.

In the dramatic visual for “Love Should Not Hurt,” directed by Fabio D’Andrea and choreographed by Ashley Wallen, Mel B portrays a woman desperately trying to escape a violent relationship with a man, played by Sam Mackay.

“We really wanted to highlight how it can just escalate very, very quickly to you feel so trapped and alone,” Mel B explained on Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain.

“You put on your armour and you walk out into the world but behind closed doors it’s very, very different. It’s embarrassing and shameful and you carry so much guilt having to lie and keep that secret.”

The video doesn’t only focus on physical abuse but shows the emotional abuse many women suffer, including control and coercion.

Following her split from husband Stephen Belafonte in 2016, Mel B alleged he had been abusive – claims he repeatedly denied.

Mel B said “Love Should Not Hurt” is important because “it’s not just my story. It’s every woman’s story.

“It’s everybody’s voice because we are dealing with an epidemic.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, click here to find resources.

Watch Fabio D’Andrea's "Love Should Not Hurt" video:

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