Metal Band Omicron Won't Change Its Name


A Belgian death metal band is capturing plenty of attention thanks to its name: Omicron.

“Since we have the same name as a COVID variation, we have received quite some extra attention,” read a message from the band on Facebook.

Last month, after the World Health Organization chose the 15th letter in the Greek alphabet for the new variant, the band took to Facebook to explain its name “is based on the Omicron galaxy system and not on the current Omicron COVID strain.”

The musicians added: “We can't help it that the WHO decided to skip two letters to get to the letter omicron.”

In an email to Vice, Omicron said it has no intention of changing its name. “Hell no,” they wrote. “We will not let a virus determine the way our concept should be perceived.”

According to Rolling Stone, there was previously a band in Hong Kong named Omicron. “Whether for the right or wrong reasons, we’ve been getting clicks,” said Li Heng Chan. “It’s been a lot to process.”