Metallica Members Address Global Unrest


Two members of Metallica have addressed the growing social and political unrest around the world and how their music gives fans a way to come together.

“There are so many people choosing violence and division right now,” Trujillo told the Independent. “I feel everyone is so tightly wound, like they’re gunning for a fight. For me, it’s better to be careful than to pursue aggression.”

Ulrich recalled witnessing unity at Metallica shows. “We played Abu Dhabi a few times and there were maybe 50,000 people there from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon… incredible fans from all over the world whose countries don’t get on particularly well,” he said. “They’re sharing a collective musical experience.”

“If you choose to travel around the world and connect people through music, that has to be the thing that pushes you. All the s**t outside… none of that matters.”

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