Michael Bublé Wasn't Actually On Mushrooms During NHL All-Star Draft


Sorry folks, Michael Bublé wasn't actually high on mushrooms when he spoke to the press following the NHL All-Star Game Draft yesterday (February 1).

The BC-born crooner appeared with comedian Will Arnett to discuss their part as celebrity captains in tomorrow's NHL All-Star Game, when Bublé joked, "My buddy told me, this is just a microdose of mushrooms and he was lying."

"So, I’ll be honest, I thought I was in Blades of Glory for most of the time that I was out there, until it sort of settled down and then I realized, 'Holy s**t, I am in the NHL All-Star Game," he added, making reference to the 2007 that starred Arnett.

TMZ points out that Bublé did eventually backtrack the comments later that night, however, the story seems to have caught on like wildfire with the press.

iHeartRadio Canada's Shannon Burns sat down with Michael Bublé and immediately asked him about being on mushrooms, to which he responded, "What mushrooms?"

He then continued, saying, "Look, I have an even bigger question than that, okay? I want to know how many mushrooms do people have to be on to not know my sense of humour after 20 years?"

Bublé also shared just how serious he was in drafting players for Team Hughes, which he's co-captaining along with New Jersey Devils forward Jack Hughes and his older brother, Vancouver Canucks defenseman Quinn Hughes. He also gave Shannon tips on how one can maintain a hockey rink in your own home (spoiler: the trick is to have your own Zamboni!).

Watch the full interview below.


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