New Series 'This Is Pop' Explores Power Of Pop Music


Some of the most pivotal moments in pop music history are revisited in the forthcoming docu-series This Is Pop.

The eight-part series, which includes appearances by acts like Boyz II Men and Canada’s Shania Twain, premieres March 6 at 10 pm on CTV.

“At a time where the world is constantly changing, This Is Pop offers a dynamic escape for viewers to relive and commemorate some of the most celebrated decades in music history,” said Karine Moses, senior vice-president of content development and news for Bell Media, in a release.

The series debuts with a look at Auto-Tune and how it has changed the sound of pop music since its invention in 1997. Other episodes explore Britpop, Sweden’s hitmakers, the influence of Boys II Men, country’s crossover into pop, the history of New York “song factory” the Brill Building, and social change through music.

This Is Pop wraps up with a look at the evolution of music festivals.

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