Niall Horan Already Sick Of 'Nice To Meet Ya' Greeting


Niall Horan doesn’t want you to come up to him and say “Nice to meet ya.”

“I’m sick of it already,” the pop star told iHeartRadio’s Elvis Duran, explaining how ever since he released the single “Nice to Meet Ya” on Oct. 4, people are greeting him with the song title and then saying, “I had to do it. I had to do it.”

“You did not have to do it,” Horan said.

The singer admitted he should have used the word at the end of each verse as the song title. “I should have called it ‘Disappear’ because ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ is doing my head in already,” said Horan.

In fact, Horan has stopped greeting people with “Nice to meet ya.” He explained: “I’ve started to say ‘Nice to see ya,’ even if I haven’t met them before.”

Speaking of opening lines, Horan told Duran how he was able to pretend to be someone else during a 2016 backpacking trip. If he felt like no one in a bar recognized him, he would tell women he worked the same kind of regular job as his cousin.

“He would just give me some facts on the job that he does so I had enough to talk about and he could jump in on the conversation if I got stuck,” recalled Horan. “So I was never a singer for 10 weeks in Asia.

“I’ve told multiple lies. It’s great fun. I love telling compulsive lies just for a laugh.”

Interview with Niall Horan at 63 minute mark. 


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