Nick Jonas Launches Tequila With Designer John Varvatos


Nick Jonas and designer John Varvatos have partnered to create Villa One tequila, which will debut Thursday at the Jonas Brothers concert in New York City.

“Tequila is the cleanest spirit I’ve found that I can drink,” Jonas told Bloomberg. The singer is diabetic but some studies show the natural sugars in agave don’t spike blood sugars.

“Me and my friends drink tequila to celebrate something the way people used to drink Champagne.”

There are three varieties of Villa One: Silver, Añejo and Reposado. Jonas said he and wife Priyanka Chopra are fans of the latter. “We’ve had Villa One backstage for our guests, friends, family,” he said. “Reposado is the one that’s always gone. I’ve starting hiding it.”

Jonas and Varvatos bonded over their love of tequila during a dinner party in 2016. The pair, who launched a fashion line and fragrance, approached Stoli Group with their tequila dream.

Villa One, which comes in bottles designed by Varvatos, was crafted by Arturo Fuentes of the Fabrica de Tequilas Finos in Tequila but Jonas and Varvatos were involved in the process. It will be available in select markets beginning next month and rolled out everywhere early next year.