Nickelback Performance Goes Viral A Decade Later


A decade-old video of Nickelback covering Metallica has suddenly gone viral.

The 2004 performance of “Sad But True” from Metallica’s self-titled 1991 album has been on YouTube since at least 2008 but didn’t really get much attention until someone shared it on Facebook recently.

The since-deleted Facebook video had over 4 million views in about a week.

On social media, most fans grudgingly gave Nickelback kudos for the cover.

“Done making fun of Nickelback,” tweeted one person. “They won me.”

Another commented: “F**k. Now I actually have to say I like something nickleback has done.”

Sentiments like these echo opinions shared on the original YouTube video. “Nickelback sure does sound good when they are not playing Nickelback,” reads one. 

“Nickelback sounds better when they sing someone else's song,” another read. “Sad but true..”

Revisit the performance below: