Nicki Minaj Reflects On Giving Birth, Complains About Breastfeeding


Nicki Minaj says she was “butt naked” when she went into labour in September.

During a Q&A on Twitter on Wednesday, the rap star recalled stepping out of the shower and asking husband Kenneth Petty to rub her back. “As soon as I started scooting over to him in the bed I just felt the water start coming out.”

Minaj said she was “weirdly calm” but Petty was “very scared.” She said she was in labour all night. “They numbed me up real good, “ she recalled, “so I took my a** right to sleep.”

The new mom said her son was quick to find a source of nutrition. “Breastfeeding is very painful,” said Minaj. “Pumping is too. Women make this stuff look way too easy.”

Minaj called moms “superheroes.”

The 38-year-old rapper gave birth on Sept. 30. It is the first baby for Minaj, who married Petty 2019. She went public with her pregnancy news in July by posting a series of colourful images on Instagram.

In a 2014 interview with L’Uomo Vogue, Minaj said: “I do not want to work all my life and never experience the joys of a family. It is not time yet, but when I decide to … become a mother I would like to take a break and devote myself completely to my child.”

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