Nicki Minaj Reveals Drake Almost Featured On ‘Queen’


Nicki Minaj revealed that Drake was almost featured on her latest  album, Queen, but the collaboration would have delayed the release further.

In an interview with The Whoollywood Shuffle on Friday, Minaj explained the details of the timing dilemma. 

“Drake and I were working on something, but I didn't want to change the date of the album,” she said. “So about two days before I had to turn it in, he and I had been going back and forth. And then even up until, I would say, within 12 hours of having to turn in my album, we were going back and forth.

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“He had come to my studio, we found something that we really, really loved. But he was also going through that process of getting stuff right for his tour, and I had to understand that. As an artist, I always try to put myself in the artist's shoes, and not try to be selfish.”

Listen to the interview below: