No, Lady Gaga Didn't Wear A Boa Made Of $100 Bills


Lady Gaga got tongues wagging this week by sporting a boa made of fake $100 U.S. bills.

The pop star posted a photo on Instagram showing her onboard a private jet bound for Vegas with the boa draped over her $1,600 Magda Butrym silk-chiffon dress paired with $555 Valentino sunglasses and a $28,588 pink Hermès Kelly bag.

Even though the boa bills are bogus, it didn't take long for headlines like "Lady Gaga Just Wore a Boa Made of $100 Bills" (Glamour) and "Lady Gaga Dons Boa Made of $100 Bills" (People) to appear online. Billboard reported: "Lady Gaga's latest accessory comes with a hefty price tag: It's a boa made entirely out of $100 bills."

Gaga's boa also spawned some shade on social media. "This is tacky as f**k and totally tone deaf to the world around us,” read one tweet. “I remember when you hid your face out of insecurity. Now I would rather see your humble side than this ugly fame side youve (sic) decided to use.”

Gaga may have just been giving a wink to the 2017 Magic Box “Lady Gaga Style Pop Star Money Boa” Halloween costume that sells online – for about $50.

Instagram / ladygaga (left); Magic Box


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