No, Snoop Dogg is NOT Releasing An Album Of Lullabies


Contrary to what you may have read, Snoop Dogg is not releasing an album of lullabies (but how cool would that be?!).

Snoop is, however, the latest artist to have his songs turned into lullabies by California-based Rockabye Baby!. The collection, which will be released on Dec. 6, includes soothing instrumentals of “Gin and Juice,” “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “Doggy Dogg World.”

The rapper has nothing to do with the album.

Rockabye Baby! has previously released dozens of albums featuring lullaby renditions of songs by popular artists, including Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, Drake, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

“First and foremost, we’re fans, so we take care to make every album musically interesting enough to satisfy adult listeners,” explains CMH Label Group’s Lisa Roth, on its website. “Believe me, making an album that’s gentle enough for sleeping babies but still entertains Mom and Dad is trickier than it sounds.”

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