Olivia Lunny Chosen On 'The Launch' To Release 'I Got You'


Winnipeg’s Olivia Lunny was chosen on Wednesday’s episode of The Launch to release “I Got You.”

"It feels amazing. It’s pretty surreal," the 20-year-old told iHeartRadio. "It will put me on to a different level and connect me with the right people."

In the episode, Lunny said she has been writing music since she was 12 and has faced plenty of rejection. “I’ll be discouraged and have moments and I doubt myself,” she said. “ I’m learning to just kind of ignore that and use that as motivation. Music really is my passion.”

Lunny auditioned for Scott Borchetta, Marie-Mai, guest mentorJann Arden, and producer Shaun Frank with a unique take on Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me.” She then performed “On My Level” – one of the tracks from her self-titled debut EP.

Arden called her voice “crazy cool” but Marie-Mai reminded her of the importance of hitting the notes. Both Borchetta and Frank felt Lunny needed to show more energy.

Lunny was selected along with Jayde of Peterborough, Ont. to record versions of “I Got You,” which Frank wrote with Jenson Vaughan, Kris Eriksson, Danny Shah and Kayleigh O’Connor.

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In the studio, Frank was impressed by what Lunny did – “she’s an incredible vocalist,” he said – but discouraged her from adding a word to the chorus. Marie-Mai worked with Lunny during rehearsals to get her to open up on stage.

“Her voice is beautiful,” Borchetta said after Lunny performed live. “I never saw that performance coming.”

While she waited for the decision about who will be launched, Lunny described her experience on the show as “incredible and life-changing.”

Lunny’s version of “I Got You” is now available wherever you get music.

She follows Season 2 chosen artists CassiøpeiaT. Thomason and Saveria.

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