Paul Stanley Urges Fans To Cover Their Faces


Paul Stanley, who has spent decades covering his face with paint, has urged fans to cover theirs with masks.

“WEAR YOUR MASK! Don’t listen to conspiracy theorists or graduates of The Internet University Of Medicine,” the 68-year-old KISS frontman wrote in a social media post on Tuesday.

“While the credible authorities and experts continue to learn more about Covid 19 they remain in agreement about safety protocols. End of story.”

Stanley shared a photo of himself and eight-year-old daughter Emily with masks on.

The rocker’s bandmate Gene Simmons has tweeted repeatedly about the importance of wearing masks. In May, a fan tweeted at Simmons that masks are “nonsense” and ineffective. The KISS bassist replied: “I wish you good health, despite your point of view. Please wear a mask, to prevent your cough, sneeze or other, from infecting people. Be safe, not sorry.”

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