Post Malone Helps Pub Singer Get A New House


Post Malone made a big impression on a Scottish pub singer last weekend.

Gregor Hunter Coleman was performing inside Glasgow’s Wunderbar last Friday when Post Malone came in to unwind after performing at the city’s OVO Hydro Arena.

Post was so impressed, he asked to meet Coleman and even offered him a drink.

“I was like, listen, I'm saving for a house so I'm not drinking just now,” Coleman told BBC Scotland, adding that Post told him he respected this.

Coleman said Post invited him to perform at his official after-party at the nightclub Kong.

"I was like 'Of course yeah!' and he then asked me how much I would charge to sing with him," Coleman told Capital Scotland, "and I was like, 'well nothing because you're Post Malone!'

"I was telling him I was saving for a house, so he helped me out with that, which was just crazy!"

Coleman hasn’t said how much Post gave him but shot down reports that it was enough to buy the house. He said the star “helped towards me now having a deposit.”

Post also gave him his phone number and a promise to listen to some of his original songs, which Coleman sees as a potentially life-changing opportunity.

“There's a pressure now that I need to get good songs done, I need to get something happening with it rather than just being, like, I met Post Malone and back to the pub,” he told BBC Scotland. 

“Hopefully he's still interested and he still wants to hear them and he likes them. If not then it's back to the drawing board.”

In an Instagram post, Coleman said his encounter with Post “could be my time to hit the ground running.”

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