Pregnant Cardi B Responds To Concerns About Offset’s Smoking


Cardi B and fiancé Offset came under fire from fans on Friday after a video surfaced of the couple at a club, where Offset is seen smoking next to the pregnant rapper.

After HollywoodUnlocked posted the clip on Instagram, fans were quick to react:

“Why is he smoking next to her knowing that she’s pregnant some men are so inconsiderate,” one user wrote.

“You’re ignorant af, I feel sorry for your baby! You’re in a club full of smoke… your a disgrace,” another said.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper responded to multiple comments, calling naysayers hypocrites.

“SINCE YA CARE AND ARE SO CONCERN about my baby … Hit me in my DM for my registry and send me some [Pampers] and baby formula,” she responded. “Don’t just comment like you care about my baby show it!! SEND THEM PAMPERS!”

“Sooo now ya so concern on what can harm my baby? But when b****es was attacking me online everyday ya wasn’t concern about baby or not,” Cardi wrote in another comment. “Don’t drama that causes stress harm babies more than anything? Don’t the mother stress in the brain and in the body harms baby? But yaaaa ain’t gave a s**t tho right? cause it was entertaining to ya. Don’t worry about me and mines and what I’m doing. Me and my baby is great.”