Queen's Brian May Opens Up About 'Horrendous' COVID-19 Illness


Queen guitarist Brian May said Saturday that he is recovering from COVID-19.

“I’d had two horrendous days,” May said in a video message he shared on Instagram. “It’s like the worst flu that you can imagine, really.”

The 74-year-old musician said he felt “despondent,” “pathetic” and couldn’t get out of bed.

May and his wife Anita Dobson tested positive last Tuesday after attending a birthday party with other vaccinated guests the previous Saturday.

“We’re now quarantining now, of course,” he said. “This has obviously put an end to our Christmas.”

May said the key to his ability to recover is the fact that he is fully vaccinated.

“I can’t emphasize to you enough: This is not the response that my body would have made on its own. It’s making this response because I’ve had three Pfizer jabs,”he explained. “And I beg you, and implore you, to go and get jabbed if you’re not already. Because you need the help.

“If you’re jabbed, you can survive. Don’t be scared but be cautious because you don’t want to get this.”

May also had a message for the vocal minority still protesting vaccines and mask mandates. “All anyone’s asking is for you to play your part to try and unite against this invader,” he said, “and it’s a nasty thing and it isn’t finished yet.

“This is not about you. This is about us.”

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