Rapper 6 Dogs Dies At 21


Benny Blanco is among those paying tribute to rapper 6 Dogs following reports of the 21-year-old’s death on Tuesday.

"He may have been ur favourite rapper 6dogs... but to me he was one of the kindest, toe painting, star gazing, art making, day dreaming, thoughtful, warmest souls i had ever met,” Blanco tweeted along with several photos. “The way u made us laugh and the ridiculous stories u would tell… i’m just trying to replay em over and over again... i miss ur laugh... i miss ur spirit... and most of all i miss u chase. i love u. rest easy.”

6 Dogs, whose real name was Chase Amick, developed a following by posting tracks to Soundcloud and was signed to a record deal in 2016. He was best known for tracks like “Faygo Dreams” and “Flossing.”

The Georgia native told fans he was working on a follow-up to 2019’s Hi-Hats & Heartaches – a project that was delayed last summer when he tested positive for COVID-19. Last November, 6 Dogs tweeted that it was "Almost album time."

A cause of death has not been confirmed.

“Literally if I didn’t start recording I would have killed myself by now, not even kidding,” 6 Dogs told The Masked Gorilla in 2017. “It’s insane what a difference it made. It’s just getting everything out there. I had a therapist at one point and that’s nice, being able to tell things to someone, but when you tell things to literally everyone on the internet it’s amazing. It’s like having a million therapists.”

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