Reba McEntire Regrets Covering 'If I Were A Boy'


Reba McEntire has admitted she should not have recorded a cover of Beyoncé’s hit “If I Were a Boy” in 2010.

“The record label really wanted me to record it and put it out as a single,” the country star told Billboard. “I didn’t feel real good about it.”

The song was included on McEntire’s album All the Woman I Am and peaked at No. 22 on the Billboard Country chart in early 2011.

“It wasn’t that successful,” she recalled. “The people in the music industry, they’re professionals, and sometimes you have to go with the team.

“It just didn’t work out.”

McEntire told Billboard there have been many songs that she passed on.

“It has to have a message. If a song has touched my heart, hopefully it’ll touch your heart when I sing it,” she explained. “I’m the conduit. I’m the one that delivers the message.

“It might solve a problem for them, it might entertain them, it might get them away from what they’re going through. That’s my job on earth. I feel very strongly about that.”