Report: Post Malone, Chris Brown Received Millions In U.S. Grant Money


A new report published by Insider reveals that a number of "arena-filling artists" received millions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers designated as an "emergency assistance" relief fund during the pandemic.

According to the report, the U.S. government paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in "pandemic taxpayer cash" to artists as big as Post Malone, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. Even Canadian rockers Nickelback are said to have received $2 million in federal money.

In addition to artist grants, money was also paid to both Post Malone's manager and agent, who received grants totalling $20 million.

In 2021, Congress approved the Small Business Administration to oversee a new program called the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant, which was introduced to aid the live-entertainment industry. In total it handed out $14.5 billion to businesses such as cinemas, operas, ballets, concert venues and museums to provide "emergency assistance" during the pandemic. Considered a grant and not a loan, applicants could be eligible for up to $10 million with no obligation to repay it.

Insider learned that one financial-management company based in Los Angeles was successful in submitting grants for 97 different artists, venues, and managers, totalling more than $260 million. 

It points out that the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant was originally designed to help out those working behind-the-scenes at independent and small venues.

In 2020, the National Independent Venue Association issued an artists' letter to Congress, requesting "federal assistance for independent music venues and promoters across the United States."

The report goes on to state that despite the misallocation of the money, "there is no indication that payments to big-name artists broke the law."

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A list of the highest paid federal grant recipients:

Post Malone, Chris Brown - $10 million

Steve Aoki - $9.9 million

Slipknot - $9.7 million

Lil Wayne - $8.9 million

Smashing Pumpkins - $8.6 million

Vampire Weekend - $8.3 million

Korn - $5.3 million

Melissa Etheridge - $3.9 million

Usher - $3.1 million