RM Calls BTS Hiatus 'A Vacation', Promises 2025 Reunion


BTS are currently on hiatus, but they do want fans to know it's just that and not permanent.

During a Weverse livestream, RM discussed the group's decision to take some time off and called it more of a "vacation" than a break. 

“Even though we’re doing our solo activities on our own… what I’m thinking these days when I’m doing my solo projects is… this is just like a vacation,” he said. “To get back to where I was, which was BTS and ARMY. All the solo [projects are] just a journey. But it is a very important journey for Chapter 2. But it’s a journey to get back home safe.”

He then went on to express how important ARMY is for the members of BTS, after reading an emotional letter sent by a fan.

“I hope our songs and solo projects could be another reminder to you guys of how important ARMY was, has been and will be in our lives at the same time," he said. "I hope that it is a reminder that spring will come again. Please continue to keep BTS alive in your hearts, in this moment and perhaps throughout your entire life.”

He concluded by reassuring ARMY and fans that although it feels like forever, BTS will return in 2025.

“Eventually, when we get back and reunite together in 2025… [we will] be back for sure," he said. "We’ll be joining together again. And that will be in 2025.”

As previously reported, Suga enlisted for mandatory military service last week.



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