Rolling Stones Lips Smack Of Toronto Concert


Is it the release date for a new album or the date for a Toronto concert?

Rumours started swirling when big Rolling Stones lips, with a June 29 date, started popping up around the city.

The band’s No Filter Tour, which was announced last November, kicks off April 20 in Miami and was scheduled to run until June 25 in Chicago. But, it’s a stadium tour and Toronto’s biggest stadium, the Rogers Centre, is booked on June 29 for a Toronto Blue Jays game.

It's possible a Stones concert could take place at another outdoor space – maybe Downsview Park, where they famously played the SARS concert in 2003.

June 29 is a Saturday, so it's an unlikely release date for a new album – plus, the iconic lips have so far only been spotted in Toronto.

In an interview with Rolling Stone last November, guitarist Keith Richards said there would "maybe" be a new album in late 2019. "Maybe. That looks like a reasonable projection," he said. Mick Jagger recently posted a video clip on Facebook showing him performing a new song. It was captioned: "2019 – all about writing, recording....and a tour!"

The guessing continues. For now, the giant lips are just a fun Instagram pic. No filter, of course.

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