Russell Peters Says Tory Lanez Is 'Not A Tough Guy'


Comedian Russell Peters said Tuesday he's more of a bad boy than his fellow Brampton, Ont. native Tory Lanez.

Admitting the rapper “probably deserves” to go to jail for shooting Megan Thee Stallion, Peters said of Lanez: "He's a little guy. He’s a little kid with a small complex. When I was growing up in Brampton you had to be a real badass. You’d want to punch people back then. You’d get into fights to show who’s a badass. Any idiot can pull out a gun.

“And you’re going to shoot a woman? I mean, you’re not a tough guy to me, buddy."

So, if Peters is not listening to much of Lanez, who is on his playlist?

“Not much new stuff,” he admitted. “I’m 53 now. I think my mental iPod is full. My friends put me on to things now and then.”

Peters pulled out his phone to give a glimpse at his music library: There’s B.B. King, Black Pumas and Crimeapple (“a very good rapper”).

Peters was in Montreal to hype next month’s 41st edition of the Just For Laughs festival. Speaking ot reporters, he reflected on his first gig at Just For Laughs in 1996.

“I was excited because I was only seven years into my standup career at that point. I had to fly myself in and I had to put myself up and I don’t believe I got paid,” he said. “Which is why we’re here 27 years later – because I said one day you sons of bitches are going to pay me and we’re going to make this worthwhile.”

JFL is getting its money’s worth from Peters this year. He is set to host four galas over two nights (July 26 and 27) showcasing 32 comedians – “which sounds amazing for you and it sounds like a lot of work for me.”

Peters described JFL as “really the only comedy festival that matters” and told why he keeps coming back.

“When you’re a comic and you’re on the road and you’re doing these headline arena shows and stuff like that, it’s great, but you lose your connection with your fellow comics because you’re not surrounded by them anymore,” he explained. “It’s just you. You’re in your own little world. As a comic, it’s not fulfilling to me and I love being around the rest of the comics and getting the camaraderie and having people who are funnier than you breaking your balls rather than just your crew who you’re the boss of.”

Despite being one of the world’s most successful stand-up comics, Peters said he still learns from the ones he sees at JFL. “Oh yeah, you know, people have different ways of looking at things. People say things that make you laugh and make you look at things this way instead of this way,” he said.

Peters agreed that now more than ever, the world needs to laugh.

“I mean, laughter is literally the only thing that can unify us,” he said, before correcting himself. “There’s music and laughter. Those things can unite people.”

Just For Laughs runs July 14 to 29 in Montreal. For more information and tickets go to

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