Ryan Gosling Gifts BTS's Jimin A 'Barbie' Guitar After Stealing His Outfit


Ryan Gosling has admitted to breaking the "unspoken Ken code."

In a video posted to the official Barbie movie socials, the Canadian actor admitted he totally copied the style of BTS's Jimin by wearing the same black-and-white cowboy outfit the K-pop star wore in the group's "Permission To Dance" video

“Hi Jimin, it’s Ryan Gosling here. I notice that your ‘Permission to Dance’ outfit is the same as my Ken outfit in the upcoming movie, Barbie. I have to give it to you — you wore it first… You definitely wore it best,” he said.

As a true gentleman, however, Gosling not only confessed he lacked originality when making that decision, but that he would offer up his most prized possesion: the black acoustic guitar that Ken plays in the movie, complete with a 'Ken' decal in the style as Metallica's signature font. 

“There’s an unspoken Ken code that if you bite another Ken’s style, you have to give them your most prized possession," Gosling tells Jimin. "I hope you’ll accept Ken’s guitar as my humble offering. Besides, Ken doesn’t really play anyway, so… it’ll be much better in your hands.”

Ryan Gosling has a song in the movie called "I'm Just Ken," but it is not known whether he plays the now famous Ken guitar or not on it.

Barbie opens this Friday, July 21.


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