Sam Hunt Apologizes For DUI


Country singer Sam Hunt, who was arrested Thursday on suspicion of driving under the influence, accepted responsibility and apologized on Friday.

"Wednesday night I decided to drive myself home after drinking at a friend’s show in downtown Nashville," he tweeted. "It was a poor and selfish decision and I apologize to everyone who was unknowingly put at risk and let down by it. It won’t happen again."

Police in East Nashville, Tennessee observed a vehicle going south in the northbound lane of a road. Officers said the driver had trouble staying in the lane and crossed the centre lane several times.

“There was an obvious odour consistent with alcoholic beverage coming from the defendant as well as red bloodshot and watery eyes,” read a police report. “There were two empty beers in the vehicle next to the driver. The defendant had difficulty retrieving his ID and attempted to give a credit card and passport instead while his [Tennessee] driver license sat on his lap.”

Hunt, 34, submitted to a sobriety test and had a blood alcohol level of .173, according to police. He was arrested but released from jail hours later on a $2,500 U.S. bond.

The “Body Like a Back Road” singer is due in court on Jan. 17.

This article has been updated since it was first published.

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