Shawn Mendes Shoots 'It'll Be Okay' Video In Toronto


Shawn Mendes was spotted in downtown Toronto shooting the video for his latest single, “It’ll Be Okay.”

TikTok user Kevin V on Monday shared behind-the-scenes clips of the night shoot.

Mendes, wearing a dark overcoat, is seen sitting on a bench in Berczy Park and then slowly walking along a path to the sidewalk on Wellington Street. A crew member can be seen blowing fake snow into the shot. The singer stops to lean against the iconic Gooderham Building before walking away.

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“It’ll Be Okay,” which is presumably about Mendes’ split from Camila Cabello, was released on Dec. 1.

In a video he posted on social media, Mendes wanted fans to know he appreciates their support of the song.

“When I make music the ultimate goal is to be sitting there and have some sort of my own truth revealed to me,” he explained, “and, you know, a lot of the time when I’m writing songs I’m usually using music as a platform to be able to get to a place inside of myself that I wouldn’t be able to get to by just talking with people or thinking about it.

“I feel so grateful that you guys are connecting with it and I’m so grateful that people are being vulnerable with it and people are just having fun with it."

Mendes, who owns a condo about 3 kilometres west of where he shot the scenes for his music video, spent the holidays in Ontario and then jetted off to Miami Beach for a stay at Soho Beach House and a stroll with Cabello and their dog Tarzan.

Mendes kicks off his Wonder world tour in Copenhagen in March.

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