Shawn Mendes Strips Down For Icy Dip


Shawn Mendes gave his fans a very special gift this Christmas by stripping down to his underwear and showing what Canadians are made of.

The 24-year-old singer shared video clips on Instagram showing him and friend Brian Craigen taking an icy dip in Duffins Creek near his family’s Pickering, Ont. home.

“Can take the boy outta Canada but can’t take the Canada outta the boy,” commented YouTube personality Nash Grier.

After removing his pants, Mendes is seen taking a few moments to mentally prepare himself before pulling off his boots and Old Navy sweater.

“Woooo! It’s cold!” exclaims Mendes after submerging himself face down in the creek, wearing only black boxer briefs. As he steps out, the singer says: “I can’t feel a thing.”

Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic commented: “BLUE BALLS. LITERALLY.” Swae Lee reacted: “Whaaaaaaaah!??? You’re different.”

Diplo opined that Mendes “should have done that in Jamaica.”

Fans and followers of Mendes were thrilled with the holiday treat – including some who thanked the young woman (presumably Craigen’s girlfriend Meghan) who captured the moment on video.

“Lotta stills gonna be taken of this vid,” wrote one. Another noted that “gay twitter is gonna eat this up.”

Other comments included “In my next life I am the stream,” “Todays manifestation: I am the River, I am the River, I am the River” and “Can we get a lighter colour of briefs or none?”

One fan wrote: “I didn’t know I needed Shawn in a sweater, undies and boots but I so did.

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