Shawn Mendes Takes Lie Detector Test


Shawn Mendes is generally a truthful person, according to a recent lie detector test.

“I’m really not capable of lying,” said the Canadian singer, who agreed to be hooked up to a polygraph for Vanity Fair.

According to the test, Mendes was being truthful when he confessed he has “definitely” lied to girlfriend Camila Cabello and also when he said their dog Tarzan likes him more. He was also being honest when he said that his 2018 Met Gala appearance with Hailey Baldwin never came up in conversations with her now-husband Justin Bieber.

Mendes said he considers himself “up there in the nicer percentage of people” and likely “a bit nicer” than Harry Styles.

The polygraph suggested Mendes was being deceptive when he said Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn “looks like a sweet guy.” He quickly explained: “I mean, he’s kinda got a little bit of villain look about him. He, at any moment, could turn into a villain, you know. He’s got really blue eyes and I struggle with eyes that blue. I find it easier to trust brown eyes.”

Mendes was also not telling the truth when he agreed to give the interviewer his friend John Mayer’s phone number. “I was lying,” he admitted.

During the test, Mendes was asked if it was true that he only recently learned how to do laundry.

“I can do… I can achieve it,” he replied. “Like, I mean, if it really came down to it, like, I would’ve pulled it off a couple of years earlier.”

Mendes recalled attending what he believed was an audition for the Disney Channel when he was 13 – but failed to book a role. Asked if he resented Miley Cyrus for making it onto the Disney Channel, Mendes insisted he did not.

“I don’t think I could have played Hannah Montana if I tried my best,” he said. The examiner said Mendes was being truthful.

“If that wasn’t true,” Mendes said, “we’d have some real stuff to talk about here.”

Watch the fun test below:

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