Shawn Mendes Will Go For A Walk With You


Apple Watch owners can now go for a walk with Shawn Mendes.

The Canadian singer speaks in a new “Time To Walk” feature available to Fitness+ subscribers.

“One of the original, legendary things to do to calm down is go for a walk,” Mendes says at the beginning of the recording.

For 28 minutes, Mendes talks about how he has adopted a slower pace in his work and personal life.

“I mean, growing up, when I was probably like 14 years old, Justin Bieber was my superstar,” he recalls. “It was like I could never be as good as him. But that self-doubt can either turn into fear, or it can turn into, 'I want to prove myself as being better,’ both wrong and both hurtful for you and whoever's around you.”

Along the way he describes what he is seeing as he walks in Griffith Park in Los Angeles and talks about three songs: “A Little Too Much,” “Señorita” and “Wonder.”

Country icon Dolly Parton and actress Uzo Aduba have also recorded “Time To Walk” sessions and Apple will add new recordings weekly until the end of April.

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