Singer-Songwriter Cady Groves Dies At 30


Singer-songwriter Cady Groves, who identified Canada’s Our Lady Peace as her favourite band, died Saturday at her home in Nashville. She was 30.

"I don’t even know what to say. im f**king crushed," tweeted Elijah Daniel, who said he recently worked with Groves on a song. "You were so accepting and kind and talented, you helped me when i was struggling with being gay. more of the world deserved to know your talent. you were one of a kind."

Her brother Cody Groves tweeted that the medical examiner has ruled out foul play and self harm, although this has not been verified.

“She had some medical problems last fall and our best guess at this point until further testing is complete is that they had resurfaced,” he wrote.

Groves’ death came just weeks after she publicly shared concerns about her mental health during the COVID-19 lockdown. "I feel completely alone and scared and far from everyone I love,” she said on April 15. In other social posts, Groves complained of “going bats**t crazy” and “feeling defeated” during what she felt was the “beginning of the world ending.”

Her brother insisted the singer was “really looking forward to the next few months and release of her new album.”

An Oklahoma native, Groves launched her music career in 2009 and released four EPs. Her most recent single was 2017’s “Oil and Water.”

According to her record label, Groves toured with LMFAO, Good Charlotte and Third Eye Blind before transitioning to country music.

“Those closest to Cady want people to know she loved music, laughter, cooking, tacos and, especially, her family,” read a statement from Vel Records.

Groves lost brothers Casey and Kelly to drug overdoses in 2007 and 2014 respectively. They were both 28 when they died. In 2014, she recorded “Bring Back the Sun” as a tribute to Kelly.

“He introduced me to my favourite band and his – Our Lady Peace,” she explained in a YouTube description, adding that OLP was played at her funeral. “When I was 9 he would let me in his room and he'd play s**tty covers of our favourite Our Lady Peace song on his electric guitar and I would sing.”

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