St. Catharines candidates say they've been spat on and had cars spray painted

chris bittle car

A St. Catharines politician running in the federal election says his car was spray painted over the weekend while his family slept.

Incumbent Liberal candidate Chris Bittle posted a picture of his SUV, which had 'F U Liberals' painted on the rear.

Bittle says it is clearly an attempt to intimidate him and his campaign for re-election.

"I am disheartened to see this, but I know this isn’t who we are as a community. Whomever this individual is, I have a message back: I will not be intimidated and I will continue to fight for St. Catharines."

One of Bittle's opponents reached out condemning the attack, saying this election campaign has been different than in years past.

Conservative candidate, Krystina Waler says her volunteers are routinely yelled at, she's been spit on, their signs have been destroyed and supporters have been shouted down. 

"What worries me is that this weakens our democracy. It makes people not want to engage in a respectful campaign.  Last election, someone posted a photo of my home online. It was scary. I felt unsettled. With yesterday's incident - Chris Bittle's children were sleeping inside his home while someone spray painted his car outside. It's beyond words. I'm glad Chris' family is ok; but this will serve as a call to action for every candidate to stand up against this type of harassment."

The election is a week away, on September 20th.

Also running in St. Catharines is Trecia McLennon with the NDP, Catharine Rhodes with the Green Party and Rebecca Hahn with the People's Party.