Stevie Nicks Praises Lizzo's 'Beautiful' People's Choice Moment


Stevie Nicks publicly praised Lizzo on Wednesday for using her time on the People’s Choice Awards to recognize the activism of 17 women.

“I was so impressed and so touched that you put that together and pulled it off,” wrote Nicks, in a message she shared on social media.

When Lizzo was presented with the People’s Champion Award on Tuesday’s show, she admitted having had some trepidation about accepting “because if I’m the people’s champ, I don’t need a trophy for championing people.”

Lizzo added: “I’m here tonight because being an icon is not about how long you’ve had your platform. Being an icon is what you do with that platform. And ever since the beginning of my career I’ve used my platform to amplify marginalized voices.”

She then brought out 17 “activists and people that I think deserve this spotlight” and gave a brief introduction of each one before urging viewers to follow them on social media and support them.

Calling Lizzo’s presentation “beautiful and so needed” Nicks, 74, wrote: “It was stunning – and everyone heard you. You have given all women soundbites forever – flute player, singer, songwriter, future politician…?

“Your name is in the stars now.”

On Wednesday, Lizzo posted a photo of the special People’s Choice Award moment on Instagram and listed the women’s accounts.

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