Swae Lee Survives Car Crash


Swae Lee is singing the praises of seatbelts after surviving a car crash over the holidays.

“WEAR A SEATBELT!!,” the 27-year-old tweeted on New Year’s Day. “F**k looking cool click that seatbelt.”

Details of the accident were not disclosed but the rapper-singer was evidently in a white Ferrari 812 with producer Mike Will Made-It behind the wheel. An Instagram post from Will suggested he lost control of the car while driving in Atlanta. "U have to heat up the tires on the Rari before driving it in the cold for the traction to work properly," he wrote, "otherwise The 812 is like a stick of dynamite inside of a coke can on ice skates while driving in the cold."

According to photos, the sports car suffered extensive damage to the front driver’s side. There is also impact damage to the windshield on the driver’s side.

“I made it we here s**t just rocked me a little,” Lee tweeted, adding that the close-call gave him some perspective. “There’s a lot I still have to do before I sign out.”

In a tweet of his own, Will said the pair suffered only minor injuries. “WE COULD HAVE BEEN DEAD EASILY,” he wrote. “WE HERE FOR A REASON.”

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