Taylor Swift Faces Lawsuit Over App


Taylor Swift and app developer Glu Games were slapped with a lawsuit on Friday over the name of the pop singer’s new app, The Swift Life.

New York-based SwiftLife computer consulting business owner Patrick Bénot claims he trademarked the company name in 2007. The Swift Life app was launched in late 2017.

“In filing this action, SwiftLife, whose business pales in comparison to that of Ms. Swift and Glu, is standing up for itself — and much like Ms. Swift in her fights against the bullies she has encountered in her own life — seeks to enforce its rights in and to the SwiftLife trademark against Ms. Swift and Glu, both of whom are financial giants,” court documents revealed, according to New York Daily News.

Bénot also explained the inspiration for the name came after his personal experience with how “fragile life can be,” after needing a liver transplant when he was younger.

“I always thought life was swift. I didn’t think I had a long one,” explained Bénot.

“Now what do I do? It’s taken hope away from me and opportunity. All of the sudden, the name is someone else’s.”

None of the allegations have been proven in a court and Swift has not responded publicly to the filing.