Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga Among TIME's Most Influential People


Canadian artists Shawn Mendes and Céline Dion have penned tributes to two music stars who made this year's TIME list of the Most Influential People – Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga respectively.

Swift immediately thanked Mendes on Twitter for his "unbelievably kind words." 

Mendes wrote: “I’ve been a Taylor Swift fan for as long as I can remember. But it wasn’t until I met and got to know her that I understood how wonderful a person she truly it.”

He commended Swift for her honesty. “She’s the master of putting the perfect amount of thought into not overthinking, and that’s why her music connects so well.”

Mendes said Swift can make older people feel young and young people feel that they can do anything. “It’s so rare and so special,” he wrote. “If there is one thing I want to achieve in my career and life, it’s that.”

Dion praised Gaga for having "one of the greatest voices in the world: powerful, convincing, passionate and sensitive."

Dion gushed: “She’s definitely one of the most inventive artists we’ve ever seen. Her artistic expression has no rules, no boundaries.”

She also mentioned Gaga’s support for the LGBTQ community. “Lady Gaga’s voice is being heard where it really counts.”

The Quebec-born singer predicted that Gaga “will continue to inspire love and freedom around the world, for generations to come.”

Other music artists who made the TIME list are Khalid, BTS, Ozuna, and Ariana Grande.