Taylor Swift Sues Theme Park That Sued Her Over 'Evermore'


Taylor Swift is suing Evermore Park – the Utah theme park that sued her earlier this month – for allegedly playing her music without permission.

In a lawsuit filed this week in Tennessee, Swift’s company TAS Rights Management claims costumed performers at Evermore Park have performed her songs without a license.

Lawyers for the pop star said “a former Evermore Park volunteer and frequent patron of Evermore Park” tipped them off about “the unlicensed public performance” of Swift’s music. It claims the park’s owners were warned repeatedly by performing rights organization BMI about the unlicensed performances in 2019.

Evermore Park “ignored these messages,” the lawsuit alleges, and kept performing Swift’s songs “with full knowledge of their infringement, to drive attention and attendance.”

Evermore Park sued Swift on Feb. 2, alleging the title of her latest album infringed on trademarks it has for a number of uses, including on clothing and other merchandise. It sent Swift’s lawyers a cease-and-desist letter last December.

Swift’s reps have called Evermore Park’s lawsuit “baseless … frivolous and irresponsible” and said it is “inconceivable” that consumers are confusing the theme park with Swift’s album.

A quick online search shows a band called Evermore and at least five albums and half a dozen songs with “Evermore” in the title.

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