The Avett Brothers Cancel Oregon Concert After Spotting Man With Gun


The Avett Brothers were forced to cancel their sold-out concert at the Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon on Saturday after a man made his way into the venue with a gun.

“An individual passing through the metal detector was found to be carrying a gun,” said the folk-rock band in a statement released on their website. “When confronted by the security guard and informed of the no-firearm policy of the venue, the individual stated that he was an out-of-state police officer and showed a badge.”

When the security guard attempted to confirm the man’s police authority with a manager, the man disregarded security instructions and entered the venue, disappearing into the audience. The concert was cancelled after an immediate “exhaustive search of the venue by the security staff of both the band and the venue,” as the armed man could not be found.

“Due to the obvious threat posed by someone in the audience with a firearm, regardless of his (unconfirmed) claim of being a member of law enforcement, we were obligated, for the safety of everyone present, to cancel the performance,” the band explained in the statement. “It was unfortunate that such action had to be taken, but we have no regret in being in a position to make a decision which helps to keep our fans safe.”

The Avett Brothers have confirmed that they will be rescheduling the performance.