Twitter Suspends Account Of UK Man Behind 'Celine Dion' Prank


Twitter has suspended the account of Thomas Dodd, the UK man who claimed to have legally changed his name to "Celine Dion."

As of Tuesday morning, Dodd’s account was offline for violating its rules. The 30-year-old bar manager had changed the name displayed on his account to “Celine Dion" and, according to Twitter, users are not permitted to "impersonate individuals ... in a manner that is intended to or does mislead, confuse, or deceive others."

Dodd made headlines on certain websites around the world over the holidays after a Dec. 30th tweet in which he claimed that after “one too many vinos” he changed his name to that of the Canadian singer.

As reported here on Sunday, all Dodd really did was order some forms online which he had his roommate Kate Eaglesfield sign as a witness. Under UK law, though, his name would only be changed if he submitted the completed documents to a passport office, bank, etc. If he throws out or does nothing with the documents, he remains Thomas Dodd.

Still, Dodd managed to dupe many media outlets – on Monday, he claimed he had more than 50 interviews scheduled. "It’s hard work being a Celine Dion," he tweeted on Sunday.

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