Usher Almost Formed A Supergroup With Jay-Z, Pharrell & Diddy


Usher is getting ready to headline the halftime show for Super Bowl LVIII, which means lots of interviews leading up to his February 11 performance.

The main they call Mr. Entertainment dropped a truth bomb that no one seemed to know about: he was almost in a supergroup with Jay-Z, Pharrell and former mentor Diddy.

Appearing on the Club Shay Shay podcast, Usher told host Shannon Sharpe that for a minute there it seemed like it was gonna happen.

“Jay-Z, Pharrell, Diddy and me were supposed to be a group,” he said. “Yeah, that’s crazy. I didn’t say ‘No.’ I didn’t say ‘Yeah.’ I think that we just got caught up. I think we all got caught up in the moment."

Although the foursome never actually went into the studio together, they did meet up to discuss where it could go.

“We was talking about it and having secret meetings about it," he added. "We were talking about music and how we gon’ flip it and the business of it. And somehow, man, we just got distracted and it never happened.”

Of course, Usher did collaborate with each and every member of the failed supergroup: Jay-Z appeared on "Hot Tottie," Pharrell and Neptunes wrote/produced "U Don't Have to Call" and Diddy worked Usher's debut album, among other things. 

You can watch the full conversation below.



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