Vanilla Ice Reflects On 'Crazy' Madonna Relationship


Vanilla Ice, the rapper whose 1990 track “Ice Ice Baby” was a global hit, has claimed he ended his relationship with Madonna because she put him in her 1992 book Sex.

“She put me in that book without my consent, without my knowledge, without anything,” he said on Just Jenny. “When we were dating, I had no idea about a Sex book.

“That book came out and I thought it was so slutty I didn’t want to be a part of it. I said ‘How could you do that to me?’ and ‘Why did you do that to me?’ I could have sued her. I didn’t want to. I was like, I don’t need that controversy. Let’s just let it go and you go your way, and I go mine.”

In Sex, which features provocative photos by Steven Meisel and Fabien Baron, Vanilla Ice appears in several posed photographs with a topless Madonna.

Vanilla Ice said Madonna didn’t take their break-up very well and kept calling him. “I had to hang up on her a few times,” he recalled.

The rapper said their relationship was “crazy” but got serious.

“She even proposed to me. I mean, things were just going so crazy and fast, man. I was just like, what, I thought the guy was supposed to do that. What do you mean? Wait a minute. This is too fast. I’m just getting started here and I’m way too young for this.

“The more I think about it, the more crazy it was.”

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