'WAP' Video Sparks Rise In Adult Website Searches


The steamy “WAP” video with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion caused a noticeable rise in searches for the rap stars on Pornhub.

The Canadian-owned website says searches for Cardi B grew by 235 percent and Megan Thee Stallion by 210 percent, compared to their average daily searches, on Aug. 7 – the day the video premiered.

Searches for Kylie Jenner, who has a cameo in the video, increased by 130 percent on Aug. 9.

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On YouTube, the “WAP” video was viewed more than 75 million times in its first four days. “The song was so nasty that YouTube was like ‘hold on, wait a minute, that song might be too … nasty,'" claimed Cardi B.

Pornhub said in 2019, Cardi B was the No. 1 music star on the site, with 11.8 million searches. Canada’s Shawn Mendes was the most-searched male artist on both Pornhub and its gay-focused site men.com.