Watch A Baby Crowd Surf At A Flo Rida Concert

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You're never too young to be a Flo Rida fan. This is something the rapper learned at a recent concert when a baby crowd surfed their way to him on stage.

Flo Rida was performing at the CelebrateErie Fest in Erie, Pennsylvania the other night when he unexpectedly saw a baby in diapers being passed forward to him. Luckily the rapper carefully took the baby and held onto him during his hit "Low," even putting the mic to the baby's mouth. (Note: the baby didn't know the lyrics.)

That cameo wasn't the only appearance of the night for the baby. They appeared later on in the show during "GDFR" when someone on stage lifted up the infant to cheers from the crowd.

Flo Rida has reposted stories on his Instagram account, but has yet to say anything about the incident.

Meanwhile the parent(s) of the baby have not been identified, however, based on the public's reaction and the obvious negligence at hand here, they could be in some hot water.



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