WATCH: AC/DC Shares Vintage Video


With the band's second social media post in two days – and second in as many years – it sure seems like AC/DC is ramping up to something big.

But in the absence of any information about a new album or rumoured world tour, celebrating 40 years since the band's classic Highway to Hell album will have to do.

The band noted the anniversary Tuesday, inviting fans to "celebrate with us all month long!” It followed up Wednesday by releasing rare live footage of the band performing "Highway to Hell" in Holland in the summer 1979 to kick off one of front man Bon Scott's last gigs before his death the following year.

The players featured in the video represent AC/DC's most classic lineup, and the same one (minus Scott) that performed on the band's watershed Back In Black album.

A trim, shirtless Scott struts at the front of the stage with guitarist Angus Young, while the rhythm section of guitarist Malcolm Young, bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd lay down one of the band's most signature riffs.

Watch the video below:

Original article by Andrew Magnotta at iHeartRadio