WATCH: Charlotte Awbery Performs 'Shallow' On 'Ellen'


Charlotte Awbery, whose London subway station performance of “Shallow” went viral, performed the song in full on Wednesday’s episode of Ellen.

The singer’s rendition of the song, performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born, earned a standing ovation from the daytime talk show’s audience.

Awbery also sat down with host Ellen DeGeneres to talk about how her life has changed since the video went viral. “I’m absolutely overwhelmed by all of this,” she said.

Notably, Awbery was not asked whether the video was staged. She sat still and silent as DeGeneres said: “I think a lot of people think that was staged. It was not staged.”

Awbery said “I was literally on the way to meet my friend” and then quickly changed the subject.

(Stephen Barry, the other professional singer featured in the video, declined to respond when asked by if the video was staged.)

At the end of her segment, Awbery was gifted with a one-year pass for the London subway and a cheque for £10,000.

Watch Charlotte Awbery’s appearance on Ellen below: