WATCH: Deadpool Defends Nickelback In Awesome Promo


Ryan Reynolds has got Nickelback’s back in a new promotional video for Once Upon a Deadpool, the PG-rated version of Deadpool 2.

“I’ve had it with all this Nickelback hating,” the B.C.-born actor, as Deadpool, says after Fred Savage calls the Alberta band “over-produced, formulaic ear garbage.”

Deadpool counters: "You know who might disagree with that? Facts.” He then proceeds to list Nickelback’s achievements and accolades – including 12 Juno Awards (“those count,” he adds).

Savage and Reynolds then join hands to sing part of Nickelback’s 2001 hit “How You Remind Me.”

In 2014, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger said he understood why the band gets picked on. "We record a lot of different kinds of music and when it gets played in that many places sometimes it’s tough, especially if you’re not into the band," he said. "That can cause some backlash."

Back in May, Deadpool appeared in the video for “Ashes” by Canada’s Céline Dion.

Once Upon a Deadpool opens in cinemas on Dec. 12.

Watch the promo below: